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Q. How big is a donum of land?

A. A third of an acre or 1,338m². Land measurements are generally calculated in donums, evleks and square feet. There are 4 evleks to the donum and 3,600 square feet to an Evlek. 


Q. What is the most expensive/exclusive area? 

A. They are all superb with differing advantages, whether it is height or proximity to the sea! You choose! 


Q. How do we know when our payments are due and how do we make payments to the builder/vendor? 

A. The builder will notify us in writing when a stage of construction has been reached and we will inform you together with details of how to transfer the funds over for passing onto the development company.  



Q. Who will take pictures of my house while it is being constructed? 

A. After you have agreed to purchase you are not on your own. Our After Sales Team will be photographing your house while the construction is under way. Whilst we cannot guarantee the regularity, we will endeavour to take pictures at as many intervals as possible.

Q. Who will look after my house and pay my bills while I am away from the island? 

A. When you are away we can offer you the services of Unwin Property Management, a company set up specifically to look after peoples' property in their absence. Our aim is to look after your home like it was our own! 

Q. Can I buy a property in North Cyprus from overseas? 

A. We have many overseas buyers who due to their busy programme are unable to visit in the first instance but do not want to miss out. If you do want to buy remotely this is a very easy process and we will be happy to guide you through this every step of the way. 

Q. Is their an International School for my children to attend? 

A. Sunny Lane Schooli is the school for those of you with children. It is an international school with all teaching following the English National Curriculum with Turkish as secondary. For more detailed information click on www.sunnylaneschool.net 


Q. Do we need to make a Will? 

A. You must have a Will based here in Northern Cyprus as a UK Will will not be accepted here. This can be done on completion of your property. 


Q. Can we use our own UK solicitor? 

A. No. You must use a solicitor based here in Northern Cyprus. You can use a solicitor of your choice, however, we do have solicitors we would be happy to introduce you to. For more information click on Law/Solicitors.  


Q. Will I need permission to live in Northern Cyprus, and if so how do I apply for this? 

A. Yes you are required to submit an application to apply for residency in North Cyprus. This is generally a formality but is essential for peace of mind. When you arrive on the island you are automatically given a 90 day visa and if you intend staying beyond that date you must apply to the immigration office for a temporary residency permit. The process can last up to 3 months and will involve some travelling between offices but worth it in the end. Should you like a little help with this process, we would be more than happy to introduce you to the ‘man that can! For a small fee, he will accompany you to all the relevant offices and guide you through the whole process


How much is the V.A.T.? 

A. On most new build properties there is a 5% V.A.T charge on them payable at time of transfer of title. 


Q. What are the costs involved, when purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus? 

A. Solicitors fee: Including drawing up of contract, Power of Attorney, Purchase Permit application, and seeing the sale through to completion = £1000. Stamp Duty: 6% of the valuation levied by the Land Registry Office and 1% of the Stamp Duty charge is paid to the Local Council. You will have the option to be exempt from 3% of the 6% Stamp Duty on any one purchase. VAT is payable on some new build property only. In addition a Contract Stamp Duty is payable within 21 days of Contract signing, this is 0.5% of the purchase price of the property.   


Q. What household items can be shipped to the TRNC for my house.

A. All household items can be transported to furnish your property in TRNC and will not attract import duty as long as they are not new. The exception to this is TV’s and telecommunications equipment which may attract a small import duty.  


Q. Is local tax payable on a pension received in the UK?

A. Local tax is not payable on a pension received in the UK.   Q. What is the process for importing pets into the UK? A. The KAR website carries full up to date information re the importation of pets to the TRNC. This can be found by following the link to the Kyrenia Animal Rescue Website.  


Q. Do I need permission to work in Northern Cyprus?

A. It is only the employer that can apply for this on your behalf.
There are a number of different forms that need to be filled in that include details about the employee, employer and the business that you are to work for. They will also ask your employer for a letter asking why a local Cypriot is unable to do the job which you have applied for.  
Once these are completed they have to be taken to the Çalışma Diaresi (Works Office) in Lefkoşa where they start the application.
After the paperwork has been checked they will issue you with a piece of paper which you are to take to any Hospital or blood clinic where they will carry out a blood test and TB test.
After 3 – 4 days you will visit the clinic to collect your results.
Once collected you take these back to the Works office and they will check them and complete the application. (You may also be required to exit and re-enter the country to complete the application)
After this is completed you will then need to pay for the permit.
When you have the payment receipt this goes with the application and your passport for the work permit to be issued, this takes 7 – 21 days.
After this period you can collect your passport with work permit.

The Work permits need to be re-newed on an annual basis but after your first and if you are to stay with the same company you can apply for a two year permit. For each renewal or new application after the first you need to have a blood test and also provide documents from the tax and social security offices.    

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